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UPDATED:  5/2/2007


'98-01Product Update: 1998-01 Accord 8-Way Power Driver's SeatBody03-034
2006Safety Recall: Tire Damage During Vehicle Assembly (Revised 11/19/2005)Suspension05-063
2006Safety Recall: Left Front Impact Sensor Is LooseRestraints05-060
2005Safety Recall: Fuse Box May Cause a No-Start or Stalling ConditionElectrical05-014
2005Safety Recall: Fuel Pump Relay May Caue Engine No-Start or StallingFuel and Emissions07-020
2005Safety Recall: Driver's Seat Position Sensor Harness Replacement (Revised 01/20/2007)Restraint07-002
2005Safety Recall: Driver's AirbagRestraints04-072
2004Safety Recall: Driver's Seat Position Sensor Harness Replacement (Revised 01/20/2007) (L4: EX)Restraints07-002
2004Safety Recall: Driver's AirbagRestraints04-072
2004Product Update: Out-of-Specification Automatic Transmission CaseTransmission04-020
2004Safety Recall: Driver's Seat Position Safety Recall: Driver's Seat Position Sensor Harness Replacement (Revised 01/20/2007) (EX-L; LX: V6)Restraints07-002
'04Product Update: Out-of-Specification Automatic Transmission CaseTransmission04-020
'03Product Update: Intake Air Breather PipeFuel and Emissions03-043
'03Product Update: EVAP Canister Drain JointFuel and Emissions03-040
'03Product Update: No-Reverse ConditionTransmission03-042
'02Safety Recall: V6 Engine Water PumpEngine02-055
'01Product Update: 2001 Accord Drivers Airbag Horn Plate.Restraints01-018
'00-01Noncompliance Recall: Accord Rear Seat Belt BucklesRestraints02-015
'00Safety Recall: Accord Rear SuspensionSuspension00-060
'00PRODUCT UPDATE: Accord SULEV Powertrain Control ModuleFuel and Emissions00-053
'00Safety Recall: 2000 Accord Passenger’s AirbagRestraints02-021
’97-99Safety Recall: Ignition SwitchElectrical02-031
'98NONCOMPLIANCE RECALL: 1998 Accord  Automatic TransmissionTransmission98-021
'97-98Safety Recall: Lower Ball JointsSuspension99-039
'95-97RECALL: Accord Wire Harness RoutingHeating /A/C98-072
'95IMPORTANT RECALL: Accord Supplemental Restraint SystemBody96-061
'94-97Product Update: Front Balance Shaft Oil Seal.Engine00-073
'94-95UPDATE: Air Conditioning CondenserAccessories96-010
'92-93PRODUCT UPDATE: 1992-93 Accord DistributorElectrical95-045
'92PRODUCT UPDATE: Oil Pressure SwitchEngine92-003
'91PRODUCT UPDATE: 1991 Accord DistributorElectrical93-035
'90-93PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT CAMPAIGN: Rear Seat Belt Retractor SensorsBody93-020
'90-91PRODUCT UPDATE: Accord Audio SystemAccessories93-003
'90-91PRODUCT UPDATE: Automatic Transmission Shaft NutsTransmission91-028
'90-91PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT CAMPAIGN: Trunk Lid SpringsBody91-003
'90PRODUCT UPDATE: 1990 Accord DistributorElectrical93-032
'86-91Front Seat Belt Buckle Campaign Body95-028
'86-87RECALL: 1986-87 Accord Fuel Filler PipeBody93-021
'86PRODUCT UPDATE: Accord and Prelude SI A/T Countershaft Flange NutTransmission87-007
'84RECALL: Voltage RegulatorElectrical83-040
'82-85RECALL: 1982-85 Accord Fuel Filler PipeBody92-019
'82RECALL: Replacement of Charging Circuit WireEngine85-003
'76-77RECALL: Thermosensor ReplacementEngine78-005
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