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UPDATED:  5/2/2007


2006Safety Recall: ODS Unit Does Not Suppress Airbag Deployment, and DTC 82-12 or 83-22 Is Stored (Revised 01/26/2006)Restraints06-002
2006Safety Recall: 2006 Civic Accelerator Pedal Inspection (Revised 11/19/2005)Body05-061
2006Product Update: SRS Indicator Stays On, and DTC 86-25 Is StoredRestraints06-070
2006Safety Recall: Rear Window or Quarter Glass Rattle or LoosenessBody06-069
2004Warranty Extension: OPDS Unit or OPDS Sensor Triggers SRS DTC(s) 15-1, 15-2, 15-3 (Revised 03/22/2006)Restraints06-009
'04Product Update: Civic Hybrid Automatic Tansmission (CVT)Transmission03-089
'01Product Update: CVT Shift SolenoidTransmission01-036
'012001 Civic Product Update: Powertrain Control Module.Fuel and Emissions00-098
'01Product Update: CVT Shift SolenoidTransmission01-036
'01Safety Recall: Civic Fuel filler Hose Clamp.Fuel and Emissions01-059
'01Safety Recall: Civic Fuel pump ConnectorFuel and Emissions01-060
'00-01Noncompliance Recall: Civic Rear Seat Belt BucklesRestraints02–004
’98-00Safety Recall: Ignition SwitchElectrical02-031
’01-02Safety Recall: Civic Air Cleaner HousingEngine01-095
'97-98Safety Recall: Civic Front Passenger's AirbagRestraints97-066
'97-98SAFETY  RECALL: Civic front Passenger's airbagRestraints97-066
'96-98Safety Recall: Civic Floor MatBody99-034
'96SAFETY RECALL: Civic Power Brake Booster Check ValveBrakes96-032
'96Product Update: Civic Throttle CableFuel and Emissions99-047
'96Safety Recall: Civic Power Brake Booster Check Valve.Brakes96-032
'94-95Product Update Campaign: Air Conditioning CondensorHeating/A/C96-010
'92-94RECALL: Automatic Transmission Shift LinkageTransmission94-010
'92Product Update: Oil Pressure SwitchEngine92-003
'88-91Product Update: Civic IgniterElectrical93-028
'88RECALL: '88 Civic ECU ReplacementEngine87-031
'86-91Front Seat Belt CampaignBody95-028
'86RECALL: '86 Civic Left Drive ShaftTransmission86-003
'85-87RECALL: Front Windshield Wiper AssemblyElectrical88-025
'84-85RECALL: 84&85 Civic Fuel PumpEngine88-024
'84RECALL: Left Drive ShaftTransmission83-038
'84RECALL: Hood LatchBody83-039
'77RECALL: Choke Cable Assemble Inspection RecallElectrical77-007
'75-77RECALL: Recall for Muffler Cover InstallationEngine79-016
'74RECALL: '74 Honda Civic Seat Belt Safety Recall CampaignBody74-021
'73&77RECALL: Thermosensor ReplacementEngine78-005
'73RECALL: Hazard Warning Switch ReplacementElectrical73-005
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